Monday, August 29, 2011

The Borrowed Closet

Street Shots

On our look-out for fashion-on-streets this time we ran into people who dressed up in a way that gave the impression that fashion lines between genders has become hazy. Thus, we came up with the idea of homogeneous clothing of man and woman. 


Lady Gaga, going under the name Jo Calderone for her male alter-ego guise, appeared first in this new masculine look, complete with stubble and black back brushed hair, in Vogue Hommes Japan photographed by Nick Knight last month. Gaga debuts this looks on the cover of her new single “You and I”!


" The Borrowed Closet"


In the metamorphosis of fashion, breaching of the norms and standards of dressing in accordance to sexuality has evolved as a very prominent phenomenon. Androgynous fashion, in other words, is gaining a lot of popularity these days, blurring the line between two genders. Men are no longer bashful about wearing skinny feminine attires and experimenting with preppy-funky colors and women, on the other hand, carry themselves equally marvelously in their slouchy over-sized apparels. The Androgynous bandwagon has thus led to the concept of boyfriend wardrobe for women and ex-girlfriend wardrobe for men.

Studio Shots
Suit up with the classic androgynous look !

Borrowing a little from your boyfriend’s wardrobe...double pocketed oversized checked casual shirt; linen Nehru half jacket; loose denim shorts with double pleats giving an extra flare; accessorized with the classic fedora hat and a broad dial watch. Adding an accent of feminity, the blue tote bag completes the look !

For all the metro-sexual men get a hint from your ex girlfriend’s closet. Slim is in for boys shown by the fitted bib yoked shirt; going all candy with skinny orange pants. Pop up with funky glasses and your snazzy bow tie !

Monday, August 22, 2011

Think Stripes

Street Shots


This Sunday on the lanes of Brigade road we stumbled upon a few people wearing stripes. This triggered off a mime story in our head. The black & white mime theme and especially the stripes spurred our entire story!

The Melody of Silence


Mime is the melody of silence. It is one of the most ancient arts of story-telling through hand gestures, body moments and, most importantly, facial expressions without the use of speech.

courtesy: the band "RAB"

Studio Shots