Monday, January 30, 2012

THE HUNT HOUR, Chapter 2 : The Backwoods Beauty

International Trends:
Throwing more light on ‘fashion for the wild’, above are some ad campaigns and magazine photo shoots of (from top left to bottom right) Diesel island, Michael Kors, Burberry, Fan the fire magazine, Harper's bazaar, Vogue India, Playboy, Diesel island, Guano magazine, Numero #124.

The Hunt Hour
Chapter II : The Backwoods Beauty

All bags were packed and, along with the rest of the bits and pieces, thrown into the jeep. While most of us settled in the jeep our very bold and audacious Natasha and Robin took the bike.

The only thing left now was to start this wondrous journey…

The enchanting view of the rising sun, the far-stretching highway road, the gush of cool breeze, the stopover at a shabby tea stall and finally, the much-awaited moment, our destination…..nothing could go wrong now!

7:00 am
7:10 am
7:40 am
7:40 am
8:00 am
10:15 am   
10:15 am 
3:40 pm
 4:15 pm
4.40 pm
5:45 pm 
 6:30 pm

As dusk approached we decided to build our tents. The day seemed to end too fast, much of which was consumed by the journey. Nonetheless, it was a very good start. As soon as we reached, we took a stroll around the place together before spreading out; some going bonkers clicking pictures all over the place, some mapping the areas to explore the next day, while some taking sheer pleasure in just admiring the backwoods beauty of a place whose only a tiny portion we had discovered yet.

There was so much more to do!

Monday, January 16, 2012

THE HUNT HOUR, Chapter I : The Worksheet

Come to see to it, the lives that we lead today have strong similarities to that of the wild. We, just like them, are agile, alive and hunting…them in the dense greens while we in the dense concrete jungles.

So, we finally decided to literally live “The Hunt Hour”… to dare and step into the territory of the wild and draw closer similarities to that of our urban spaces.

Khaki strapless play-suit accessorized with tribal beaded necklace. 

Safari strapped sandals and leopard printed scarf.

 Fawn hot pants teamed up with black stocking and razorback, accessorized with sling bag and spotted ballerinas.

The safari 'shorts' story.

A tribal pawn shop.

International Trends

‘Fashion from the wild’ has always been in and out of vogue from season to season. Style campaigns from Cameron Mcnee, Ralph Lauren, Mark Segal George Cortina, Schier Shoes and the lot has always taken inspirations from tribal and safari backdrops.

 The Hunt Hour
 Chapter I: The worksheet

You could actually call this post: a worksheet or the preparatory / a prequel or building a road map to the big jungle story…whatever you choose to call it but for sure it will be gripping! 

 Everything in the room was muddled up, including our brains!

Ben, Robin, Natasha, Riya, Ayaan, Rohit and I met after 10 damn months of long and restless gap and you can imagine how wild it gets when friends meet after such a long time. We sat down to watch The Gods must be crazy over a drink to relish our old high school days. One drink led to another and in less than an hour we were absolutely in no position to stand up straight. However, little did we know that, even in our intoxicated state we could come up with a plan- an extremely exciting and rollicking expedition plan!
Hi I’m Abby and I truly believe that the Gods definitely must be crazy!
In case you thought the plan was made up under alcoholic influence, yes you are absolutely right, coz the next day we woke up with the hangover of the expedition plan hanging all over us.
Without wasting a minute we started dividing tasks amongst each other. Ayaan and Riya sat down on the laptop, checking out the best places around – feasible and fabulous, while, Robin and Natasha started wracking their weenie little brains on the map and making a list of the things required to make this expedition a success. I, however, decided to take on a job that is often deprived of the glory it deserves but always plays the most important role – behind the lenses!

While we were busy working, suddenly an almost simultaneous realization struck us all. Rohit was missing! We checked down the place but he was nowhere. Out of the blue, Ayaan remembered him vaguely saying he was going to the restroom. I dashed to the restroom but entered very cautiously, without making a single sound, and somehow managed to catch him - totally engrossed in this one hell of an adventure book.
That was when I realized, the fever was on
With all the mapping, planning, and preparations done, the only thing left was packing!
Ah packing is always such a pretty darn tedious job. But it didn’t matter…none of it did…cos after all it was the last step towards the triumph of our incredibly exciting plan to nature’s wilderness!

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Curve That Could Take You Miles

Lines on one palm seems complex but when one is put besides the other, these lines joins and curves to form a frown upside down.
The year gone by has seen all the highs and the lows and in the midst of the daily grind,the itsy bitsy things that, more often than not, enlightens our spirits gets totally abandoned. Now is the perfect time to take charge and evoke the straight and the simple amidst the complex and complicated. This is where Phyllis Diller and we think alike:
“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”

Priceless..Charming...Effortless and Viral..

 The toothless smile.

The sparkle-in-the-eyes smile.

The togetherness smile.

The sunshine smile.

The heartfelt smile.

The I'm-there-for-you smile.

The up-to-no-good smile.

The don't-mess-with-me smile.

The contented smile.

The welcoming smile.

The I-own-the-world smile.

The friends-forever smile.

The humble smile.

The I'm-the-boss smile.

The contagious smile.

The best-seller smile.

The amusing smile.

The roller coaster smile.

The big-bunny smile.

The best-buddy smile.

The chic smile.

The happy-shopping smile.

 The conscious smile.

The bridging smile.

The eclectic smile.

The yin-yang smile.

The sweet smile.

...So now create your own wardrobe coz as they say...
"You are not fully dressed until you wear a smile."