Monday, November 26, 2012

Step Out...Step In...

There have been times, as kids or as adults, when you get into the skin of the protagonist, when you step out of the real and step in to get transported into a whole new world of fantasy.

The reality surrounding us seem like a teeny speckle in this new whimsy world.
Spell bound by the words imprinted on the pages, you are deep inside your own outlandish world, which, for that one moment, seems like the only thing that exists for you...
...cos imagination is going haywire. 

Lost the derby race for years in a row now? 
Well, who is going to bring some sense into this outraged young lady that it is nothing but mere words overshadowing her reality.
Sporting an electric blue vest over a grey full-sleeve dress and pairing it up with beige gladiators and of course those red boxing gloves, she punches the life out of the poor black horse…
…the only relief is…none of it is real.

 A dandy book-a-holic! Wearing his grey Henley t-shirt with his orange pants and spicing it up with his stripy scarf and navy sneakers, he imagines himself to be the luminary, the idol, the one whose footsteps everybody follows…only if it was for real.

Engrossed in his own fanatical fantasy world of ultimate audacity, wearing just a plain green t-shirt, with his imagination imprinted on it, and classic blue denims paired with suede oxford shoes, this skinny daring lad surely is an avid fan of thrillers…
…glad to tell you that imaginations are only illusions in the mind.

There’s no doubt about the fact that the trick of the magician pulling a bunny out of the hat is a classic and that there are plenty of books with mentions of the same. But would wearing a top with that act printed on it and teaming it up with a reindeer-printed jegging to add to the whole enchanting mood, and not to forget those colorful juti, make you a magician?...
….a huge doubt on that.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Gosh! We have been itching to get back. But we knew that this month long silence will surely create the buzz…and yes it did. We have an inbox filled with messages…people wondering if the Polaroid have fizzled out:) …wondering if we have pulled down the shutters:)… friends asking us to bounce back and many more such concerned audiences.
Apologies for the non-response, but just to put the storms to rest…
...Polaroid is very much Alive & Kicking and this month long Mute Mode was rather thoughtfully designed and crafted.

Team Polaroid have always believed in storytelling, stories with a difference, stories that move you, stories that bring a smile on your face, stories that are dramatic and stories that get narrated through pictures (although being mute). Hence, this last month’s Silent Post was rather an Ode to such a Cinematic Brilliance that moved most of us and brought joy to the hearts.….no…we are not converting to a film critic blog, rather as always, we are trying to put together the buzz / talk of the towns. We are sure by now you would have guessed what film are we talking about and if not, then the following picture will surely raise the curtains.

Barfi, directed by Anurag Basu is undoubtedly one of the best and intelligent films to be churned out in a long time, amidst the kitsch style of cinema currently ruling the box office. ‘Barfi’ has its heart in the right place, and doesn't waver from its intentions.

Barfi inspires, moves and delves into the inner strength of individuals. Once the curtains are drawn, you are left behind with a feeling of joy and peace.

We believe that you got to have a spine in order to create such characters with otherwise glam stars (in the main stream commercial cinema) and deliver such a brilliance, which if not balanced could have back fired big time. When you are dealing with characters that are disabled in some way or the other, it's difficult not to get into a stereotype mode of making the audience sympathize with the protagonists and portraying a 'sorry' picture. But this film balances it extremely well without making you feel heavy or depressed.

Barfi! is a perfect mix of brilliant cinematography, melodious scores, masterful acting, spectacular directing, and a clever scriptwriter. (Yes, we do agree that they could have done a much better job at the make up;)

We have witnessed enough debates on various social mediums on the film being a complete rip off / “copied” from various Hollywood films. We here are not defending the Film, Barfi! interweaves Bollywood style with Hollywood influence.
Team Polaroid happen to watch the film much before it’s release and since long the film crew had maintained that Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin are the sources of inspiration.
Martin Scorcese's Hugo had scenes resembling moments from a 1951 British film The Magic Box and the 1923 silent film Safety Last. The Artiste which last year won the Oscar for best film was accused of being a complete rip-off." Just because it is an Indian film, we should not write off the creative effort gone by.

Who of us can claim to be truly “Original”…as kids we used to copy our parents, as teens get “inspired” by the peers…as grownups copy trends!!!

We don’t care whether it should have been nominated for Oscars or not. We do not care if it was inspired from other films or not…neither do we care that it is every married man’s story: Mute Husband, Mad Wife & pretty ex;)
All what we know is that it was a story well put together and yes it drew smiles.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Call us racist, coz we are biased to the vivid and the vibrant and this post we promote the mad,the insane, the eccentric and provoke a Riot of Colors.

Street Shots
Electric Blue stripes over yummy yellow knitted top teamed up with ice blue denim hot pants

Deep brick red cigarette pants teamed with stripper top and cotton blazer

Poppins: ColoRiot on the window

Electric Blue satin sleeveless top

Mean green satin finish pencil trousers

International Trends

Almost all brands, these days, have one line or the other dedicated to the brightest and funkiest of colors, be it apparels or accessories. Aldo shoes, Popeye.magazine, United colors of Benetton, Tine Claerhout Photography,Tom Ford, Atalar, Stella McCartney,Lancome

When the whole milieu is blanketed by so many colors, how do you stand out and be vibrant at the same time? 
Well, the answer is, defy all assumptions and add some more color to your ensemble. Come alive; if you were happy- be happier, if you were partying- party harder, if you were chuckling, burst out laughing, but do not hesitate to put that extra effort to look chirpier. Yes, you do have to be a li'l spunky to go ahead with it. But after all, what's fashion with fearlessness!

Mocking at those who couldn't dare pull it off. His plain pink polo neck t-shirt over a bold blue jeans is just brings out the frisky and funny personality in him.

The ecstasy on her face is shouting out loud though her clothes. Matching up a green flared tube top with a mustard yellow sweater, she looks absolutely fresh and vibrant.

A dreamer he is which is quite evident from what he's wearing- an indigo blue polka dot polo neck t-shirt teamed with red pants and white belt. Totally out of the world!

Poised and pretty, she flashes her million dollar smile as she feels confident in her gorgeous red dress. People are really giving up on little-red-dresses but well maybe it’s about time to get them right in.

He doesn't shy away from looking all young and childlike in his Sash blue-preppy pink polo neck t-shirt and, to top it all, a pair of foam green denims. Who would have thought  something so colorful could look so good.

Electric blue has a long way to go as it has only recently been accepted by some few nervy ones- just like this dauntless young lady, who is completely enjoying every bit of her one shouldered dress with lace layer from the waist.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


This summer, do not hesitate to pull out all the junk jewelries that you'd kept lying in one corner of your wardrobe and dare to team them up with ethnic prints or even traditional hand-painted garments and accessories cos this is just the right season to go "tribal"

Street Shots

International trends

Like all the innumerable brands and labels across globe, indulge vigorously in tribal apparels and accessories. (Above) Fashion magazine, Paul and Joe, Grazia India ,Vogue Italia, Natural Belle, Numero Magazine, Petrouman, Paul and Joe.

"Tribal Echo"

What's funny is that while tribes across the world are oblivious to even the word "fashion", intrepid fashionistas are going gaga over ethnic prints and designs. From shoes to stoles, dresses to denims, bangles to bags- everything is going wild with the tribe vibe! The tribal look is sexy, quirky, smart and vibrant and yes it does make you stand out in the crowd.

So, splurge on!

Boho-tribal; she carries a dreamy-mystical look about herself which is all the more enhanced by her aztec printed colorful top accompanied by a beige waistcoat over it and military shorts. The rings, bangles and gladiators add a lot of tribal essence and the embroidered sling bag just completes the entire look of a stylish vagabond.

Geeky-tribal; reluctantly putting his book down to show off his checkered shirt with ethnic prints in the yoke, inner cuff and collar, teamed with a muted green t-shirt and cargo pants. His matching brown belt and boots add a bit of a ruggedness to the ensemble of the geeky lad and that colorful aztec printed scarf along with the patchwork jhola bag hanging from the ladder perks it all up.

 Chic-tribal; standing bold and brazen in between the whole pile of mess, she carries herself elegantly in her hand-painted yellow dress with a navy blue blazer over it. Her aztec shoes, blue neckpiece, rings and hair pins on her braids intensifies the tribal look keeping the classy element intact.

Monday, July 30, 2012

My favorite SALE !

Street Shots

My favorite SALE !

CAUTION: It's getting wilder and wilder everyday!

Now that the sale has been on for quite some time and people are hitting stores all over the place in huge numbers, the fire to grab the best can take them to any extend! Break your leg, bruise your arm, scrape your head - but you've got to have the best one in your shopping cart. 

Don't tell us we didn't warn you! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Dark Shadows

Dark glamour has always been a part of the fashion closet.

(Auxilary magazine, Yale university press, uncommon creatures fall2010, wiki, L’officiel Brazil – Fabiano Pedrollo, Interveiw magazine, Harpers bazaar Spain, Unholywood, Billy Ballard) 

"The Dark Shadows"

As she slowly closes her eyes and shuts herself from the reality that lies beyond, as the brightness of the outer world metamorphoses into gloomy darkness and all she can see is nothing, and as she descends deep down into the whirlpool of shadows trying hard to shove off her creepiness, she falls into a misty pit and for a minute the world comes to a halt. Bit by bit the mist disappears and she realizes that she is not alone in this darkness and that’s when she sees them….

….and that’s when chill runs down her spine….

As the spiteful sight of the malicious satan comes to vision, she knows that there’s no escaping from here. He always appears with his black hat and gray overcoat on, over his black henley tee, denim and boots. The chains hanging around his neck symbolizes his way of torture…..
….. he strangles his prey.

This horrifying wicked vampire walks down the alley wearing a black leather overcoat over her skull printed shirt and denim and not to forget, her brown studded belt and boots…
…her lust for blood can be seen all over her face.

As overly gorgeous as she may be, this seductress demon jinxes her victims with her charm and beauty. She is wearing a grey halter dress, her black blazer hanging on her shoulder, and black stockings and boots. And there she is, eagerly waiting to cast spells of misery upon them all.

Yes, he is a guard but you’re anything but safe around him cos he’s the devil’s guard. He stands tall in his brown hoodie beneath the black blazer, denims and oxford shoes….
…Come closer to him, thinking he might be your savior, and you’ll choke to death on his toxic smoke.