Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Feet

Rainy days are soon to get over and coincidently the streets, by and large, offered a lot of sprayed, cold dyed, tie and dyed and ombré dyed apparels as if they have been rain smeared and water washed. This set off a very “rain-washed” story !

Street Shots

Man wearing a sky blue sprayed t-shirt teamed up with white linen pants and brown leather shoes.


Ombré dyed ink blue polka dot cotton dress smartly accessorized with blue ballet flats, red leather-canvas hand bag, watch and bracelet.


Floral discharge printed one shoulder kimono top giving a water color effect casually teamed up with denims, silver sandals and watch.   


White-blue ombré and tie and dyed dress with sequined empire panel and spiced up with a black cardigan, shoulder bag and sequined grey bloch shoes.


Red and orange ombré checked shorts topped up with washed grey t-shirt and rubber flip-flops.

 International Trends


Surface treatments on garments have shown an inclination towards water-washed, hand-painted,cold  pigment dyeing and printing techniques. International Brands like H&M, ESPRIT, United Colors of Benetton and the likes have sported similar looks in their collections.



“The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it."
Richard David Bach

The shrill sound of thunderstorm, the non-rhythmic pitter patter on the window and the darkness engulfing the city takes you out of your cozy abode to take pleasure in nature’s most beautiful moment. As the rain drops touch your face it washes away all the apprehensions and anxieties of the very drab and draggy day-to-day life and brings out the child in you. You can’t help but jump onto puddles; hop, skip and dance to the tranquilizing sound of the rain and chortle at the croaking sound of toads.

“Happy feet” is an ode to the rainy days gone by and marks the beginning of a fall-winter story!

The story is exclusively washed and watery with the colors bleeding into each other as if the rain smeared and splotched them away.



The story of the four of us, heading out around the woods under the mango showers...there is no escaping the joy which comes with every drop of rain.

-Bash, under the pink umbrella, teams up his blotched blue over washed graphic tee over his relaxed rolled up khakis where suspenders add a laid back air to look.

-Ben walking beside him feels nostalgic but happy carrying out his cold pigment dyed Henley tee teamed up with a beige draped waist coat. It is interesting to notice the gradation in color that the rain water creates on his snug and tapered trousers as he walks. Accessorize the look with the checkered  scarf and strappy flip flops.

-Su in the scene dresses to impress even in the rain with a one shoulder strap dress with ruffled detailing where the water colored digital print fits into the story. Accessorized with a broad high waist belt and brown leather pumps which she carries in her hand.

-Wearing a kurta shirt with uneven dyed effect over his slim rolled up denims. The ombre dyed scarf and white leather wrist band makes the look complete. Binny enjoys the most.

The tomboy-wears her boyfriend’s color blotched denims rolled up inside the lid off her funky sneakers, with her white viscous tee and purple knitted shrug..Her feathered hat being the favorite element in her look. Badges and pins add character to her ensemble. She carries out her not so bothered attitude showing a slight hint of happiness which comes naturally with the rains.

He tries to escape the rain by hiding in the nearest place he finds. Humming his favorite tune, as he rinses his draped knit cape  with double pockets which he has teamed up with the sprayed ombre effect graphic print tee, worn over scrunched up and snug fitted trousers. Notice the play of red ink on his white socks due to the color bleeding from his new painted red shoes leading to a natural gradation.


Notice the water colored effect inspiration on her printed gathered skirt that she wears with the colored strap sandals as she sips on her coffee enjoying the sweet sweet  smell of rain.

All dressed up, putting on his dip dyed herringbone jacket over a dual tone cold dyed printed tee worn with his vintage denims and tan boots. He doesn’t need to tidy his hair because he’s all set for the rain under his chequered umbrella.


Carrying out her usual chunky junky style, pairing up her khaki shorts with randomly dyed kimono knit top, accessorized with matte gold junk jewellery and tan uggs. Sneaking around in her backyard goes the tribal woman enjoying the rain in her own way leaving behind her umbrella cause she needs it no more.


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