Monday, October 17, 2011

I hate to share my TOYS !

Here’s a sequel to the look that was playful and cherry, we continue the trend of pairing bold and bright colors, however this time as add ons which people like to sport to give an edge to their regular outfit.

Street shots  
   Girl carrying an eye-catching polka dotted yellow backpack with cool badges on the black flap of the bag bringing out a simple yet sporty look.

Hot pink pumps, cyan blue gladiator sandals, green buckled front flip flops add perk to their looks.

Lady sporting a red patent tote bag.

Black shoes with chlorophyll high straps, upper flaps and sole adding a zing to it.

Carrot orange crochet sling bag. 

 Rust red sling bag teamed up with matching sandals enhances her otherwise dull colored outfit.

Classic black-white polka dotted top and blue denims intelligently teamed up with a peppy pink scarf to brighten up her entire look.

People daring to wear striking orange and blue canvas shoes explains how much colored foot wears are ‘in’ around the street.

Man, carrying an orange backpack spicing up his sober check shirt and plain black trouser look.

International Trends

Brands like Rayban, Burberry and Prada have shown an obvious inclination towards a vibrant range of accessories from glares and bags to even umbrellas. 

Wanna turn a smiling kid grumpy and cranky? Try taking his favorite toy away from him. Toys are kid’s favorite ally and they are extremely possessive about especially their most preferred piece. This has been the fundamental inspiration for our story this time which shows a swing on our area of focus away from apparels.
The way kids are grabby about their toys grownups have been shown reacting in the same manner for their accessories. But the irony here is it is the kids who are amused at how callowly grown-ups react at the slight hint of attack at their most favorite piece!!!

The pretty winter girl wearing her multi coloured striper Santa cap ponders,
 “Never will I ever share my… collection of footwear carried in my blue quilted tote, multi colored corsage, green shades, highlighted cozy muffler and warm plum stockings... 

Mr.Workahollic, loves the mess around his work station as he warns,
 “I will NEVVEERR share my…neon chequered tie, bold broad dial yellow watch, bright chrome loafers, electric blue socks, the red case and colour graphic laptop.

The lazy lad all laid back grumbles,
 “I hate to share my…range of color blocked flip flops, colored ball caps, sea green scarf, orange coloured retro shades, big jute basket bag and bright chequered socks... 

The Corporate Chic lady near her rack of things bright and pretty declares ,

 “I will NOT share my … favorite bottle green handbag, red beaded muti-chain choker , bold bangle, yellow sleek braided belt, yellow pumps and bright blue umbrella...”


  1. nice i loved the mr. workoholic 1..

  2. Thank you Shatakshi and Rahul...!:)

  3. nicely presented... nice cover story

  4. Thanks Binod and Harshi! nice to know that you guys are following our posts.

  5. Every story, and you are getting better with each :) ! Love it... Cheers!!

  6. Thanks Anshumala for your wonderful feedback.

  7. Hi, the father n son duo is simply superb !!! n yesssss cutie pies compliment the looks....

  8. the kids took all the compliments this time. But good piece of work