Monday, February 27, 2012


Office wear has always been considered tantamount to grays and blacks and suits and blazers but it’s about time to unanimously break the custom and pep-up the workplace!

Street Shots
Black shrug, tank top and culottes spiced up with rust orange belt and sling bag.

Black blazer and tee teamed with grey linen pants and canvas shoes

White ruffle blouse and black waistcoat paired with blue washed jeans, black ballet flats and pink lace sling bag. 

Buffalo plaid shirt and black denim accessorized with black handbag and suede derby shoes.

Ruched high-neck top teamed with black blazer, blue denims and black ballet flats.

Cyan solid puff sleeve top teamed with grey high waist pants and ballet flats, brown belt and black shoulder bag.

International Trends

Global fashion podium also shows a shift from the conventional dull and dreary to eccentric perky and peppy office wears. (Top left to bottom right) Gant, Dolce and Gabbana, Zara, Elle, Lacoste, Zara, Massimo Dutti, YSL.

You might be right at the top of the corporate ladder but do you really stand out?

Wearing a bespoke suit or carrying just the right case is not enough to say get-set-go. It’s time to go brash and bold with your office wear and shatter the dreary monochromes and pump out the brightness of the world into your workplace. Breaking the mundane and spicing up with either a dash of vibrant hues or playing around with handpicked exclusive accessories. After all who said office is solely and only for work?

A shout out to one and all who are in this delusion that office wear is indeed boring wear!

All set for the unending list of the day’s work wearing an indigo linen blazer over a quintessential white shirt paired with that garment which had, for a long time being denied from being considered a part of the business wear wardrobe - denim. This agile look is complete with navy blue knitted crochet tie, polka dot pocket square, black derby shoes and checkered socks.

To hell with files! I need some fuel to fire up! This dauntless lady looks smart in her black blazer over a blue tube top and denim. Her look is jazzed up with red shimmer belt and pump shoes and not to forget her big bold watch.

Who says you have to panic when piled up with work? Chat up with an ol’ friend instead. Wearing a white mandarin georgette shirt and gray pleated trouser, this impish lady spiced up her look with black and white brogues, blue satin waist tie and beaded neckpiece.

Do whatever you wanna do when your boss is not around! This dandy young man is all groovy from top to toe wearing a hot pink shirt and a navy blue pleated trouser accessorized with his white dobby tie carelessly tucked inside the shirt and brown derby shoes. But that doesn’t really mean he can’t attend a conference in that very same look!


  1. Now.. i really love this :)
    Can office wear look so good.!! ???
    Loved it..! Loved ur Shoot as usual :)
    great post..!!

  2. this is quite a help for all us office goers... :D :D
    and the looks u have potrayed are fresh and up....!!

  3. evry office goers sud dress up lyk tis in India !!!

  4. Its time we mix up our wardrobe to party, lunch or casual hangouts to the work ones in our own little sense, its a really wonderful direction from the Polaroid pages to spice up our time in front of computer screens.

  5. Lovely posts! I'd like to know the sources of the clothing worn though! Like those grey pleated pants on the impish lady are gonna keep me up nights! Where do I get them!??!? Damn you! Haha!

    - mitali

  6. thankyou wonderful people :) This post was much fun for us as well.
    Hi Mitali, those trousers were custom made as we design/create stuffs for the blog.


  7. well.... i desperately needed these tips.....<3 it...awesome clicks and fabulous styling...

  8. Then you should have a store that sells stuff from the blog!!!!! REally!!! You've got some peple jumping for them things!!!