Monday, March 19, 2012

Romancing The Indigo (The spring story)

"Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush" - Doug Larson

Street Shots
Blue stripped polo t-shirt and crushed-washed denims accessorized with fedora hat, rust-colored belt and black boots. 

Washed denim shirt over white t-shirt and gray denim pants.

Mille fleur paneled denim shirt dress teamed with brown sandals and peach sling bag.

White top teamed with black shrug, denim shorts and gladiators sandals.

Indigo digital printed washed t-shirt paired with washed denims and leather canvas shoes.

International Trends

Spring Romance can never die out as a source of inspiration to illustrate the freshness of spring through ensembles. Washed denims paired with checks and florals are an integral part of this look. (Top left to bottom right) Replay , Flare magazine, Pepe Jeans, Maison Scotch, Tom Tailor, Georgio Armani, Replay.

Romancing the Indigo
(the spring story)

When rays of fresh spring sunlight falls on the ground streaking through trees and the already blooming floras blossoms even more the only thing you’d want to do is to savor every bit of that moment. Spring always comes with a flavor of fresher, cleaner, brighter and merrier ambiance and that is one good reason for you to go out there in the open and enjoy the most flamboyant season throughout the year.
Damsel in distress relishing her own quite time around the trees wearing a mille fleur cream dress with denim pleated details in the empire line and denim panels in placket, neckline and strap.

Sturdy country lad wearing a stone washed denim shirt over a stripped t-shirt teamed with his best pair of deep indigo high contrast sprayed denim pants. The brown boots and aviators go well with his devil-may-care attitude.

 It’s time for a musical evening with old chums in the backyard. Wearing a pink and gray floral shirt over a white tank teamed with stone washed denim shorts; this willful missy walks down the dusty road wearing her mustard boots.

Lurking about leisurely in the grass, this dandy young lady is wearing a pink plaid shirt below a sun-baked denim waistcoat paired with her sun baked denim pants. Her denim canvas shoes add a lot of zing to her whole tomboy look.

Carrying his old rustic metal trunk wearing a white water based pigment printed t-shirt teamed with suspenders and tattered dark denims and derby shoes, this groovy lad is all set to have a nostalgic time in the lake.

 Grinning at an old memory, this blas√© young chap wears his favorite buffalo plaid shirt and icy blue denims teamed with a pair of gray loafers. He often visits the woods to have a solitary serene time all by himself.

"Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's Party!"- Robin Williams


  1. Ok .. Fab Post :)
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  2. liked this one.. esp the last quote! any reason why u have highlighted on light coloured denims?? are they coming in?

  3. the spring story rocks,,like the clothes and the laid back feel in the photos,kudos,,

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  10. " Washed denim shirt over white t-shirt and gray denim pants", model looks great. I like his innocent dressing sense.