Monday, November 26, 2012

Step Out...Step In...

There have been times, as kids or as adults, when you get into the skin of the protagonist, when you step out of the real and step in to get transported into a whole new world of fantasy.

The reality surrounding us seem like a teeny speckle in this new whimsy world.
Spell bound by the words imprinted on the pages, you are deep inside your own outlandish world, which, for that one moment, seems like the only thing that exists for you...
...cos imagination is going haywire. 

Lost the derby race for years in a row now? 
Well, who is going to bring some sense into this outraged young lady that it is nothing but mere words overshadowing her reality.
Sporting an electric blue vest over a grey full-sleeve dress and pairing it up with beige gladiators and of course those red boxing gloves, she punches the life out of the poor black horse…
…the only relief is…none of it is real.

 A dandy book-a-holic! Wearing his grey Henley t-shirt with his orange pants and spicing it up with his stripy scarf and navy sneakers, he imagines himself to be the luminary, the idol, the one whose footsteps everybody follows…only if it was for real.

Engrossed in his own fanatical fantasy world of ultimate audacity, wearing just a plain green t-shirt, with his imagination imprinted on it, and classic blue denims paired with suede oxford shoes, this skinny daring lad surely is an avid fan of thrillers…
…glad to tell you that imaginations are only illusions in the mind.

There’s no doubt about the fact that the trick of the magician pulling a bunny out of the hat is a classic and that there are plenty of books with mentions of the same. But would wearing a top with that act printed on it and teaming it up with a reindeer-printed jegging to add to the whole enchanting mood, and not to forget those colorful juti, make you a magician?...
….a huge doubt on that.


  1. Colourful and chirpy, with a great imagination... Loved it :)

  2. Definitely one of my favorite post by u guys.. Bravo!!

  3. i think the best one yet...guys! seriously keep it going!!!