Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gleaming Lights of the Souls

Pre-party fever on the streets is quite obvious given the fact that there are quite a few shimmer elements here and there on garments as well as accessories.

Street shots

Peach sequined jacket smartly teamed up with black full sleeve sheath dress and accessorized with a black patent clutch.

 Girl wearing shimmery beige-yellow dress accompanied by her friend who is wearing a grey sequined waist coat teamed up with black empire line top and denim.

 Patent gold blucher shoes.

Grey-black sequined dress accessorized with a pair of black stilettos.

International trends 

International trends shout out loud that shimmer rules the fashion scenario especially this time of the year when it’s taking a turn and people are all in a groovy state of mind! From top right to left Balmain (Vogue India cover), Blumarine, Fendi, Twenty8Twelve, D&G, Vivienne Westwood, Vogue Paris, Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna, Vogue Italia, Vogue Japan, D&G.

"Gleaming lights of the souls"

Lights gleaming all over the town; blinding, soaring , playing around with its flicker and bringing out the ubiquitous spirit of carousal as another fabulous year comes to an end.
This brings us to a story quite unheard of, the story of the revelry that starts much before the actual party hour in the closet of a guy and a girl. However, their take on it differs as much as they differ in all the other aspects of life.

In order to do justice to the story line the activities of the guy and the girl have been captured from a static angle. The motion blur in the pictures are by design and not by default. 

The Girl Thing:

5:10 pm
5:15 pm
 5:17 pm

5:22 pm
5:29 pm
6:00 pm
6:08 pm
6:12 pm
6:20 pm
6:28 pm
6:35 pm
6:45 pm
6:55 pm
7:10 pm
7:18 pm
7:25 pm

The Guy thing:

7:20 pm
7:23 pm
7:25 pm
7:30 pm

7:38 pm

7:40 pm
7:45 pm
7:48 pm

7:53 pm
7:55 pm


  1. The last pic dekh ke i wud say... Y so Serious?? !!!
    Love it as Usual.. someone is very good with the camera.. :) Fab Stuff

  2. awsome <3 the new story...:) :)..... Su...u're lookin damn sexy.....:) :) <3it!!!:):)

  3. party mood.:).......
    awesome post again...:)

  4. Hey love the story in neutrals curving towards the present day party mode!!
    Wonderfully composed!!

  5. thanks Harshi for being a sincere follower of our blog..

  6. like d story mode of the post.. :D gud job again.. ;)

  7. awesome story,,great black and white pics,,kudos

  8. Great blog! I appreciate the time and effort you have put in.


  9. thankyou so much baraka, apurva and megha for your appreciation. :)