Monday, December 19, 2011

Bells of Joy

Now that Christmas is fast approaching and people had long ago started getting into the celebration mood, the streets and displays around stores and malls presented the same merry like fervor.

Street Shots

 Red-white polka halter dress accessorized with brown suede boots.

 Red-blue polo neck t-shirt teamed up with washed denim.


  Christmas inspired window-displays.


International Trends

The international fashion podium offers a lot of reds, whites and blues keeping in mind the festive time of the year. From top left to right, River Island, Gucci shoe, Lavin window display, Prabal Gurung, Thakoon and Thom Browne Autumn-winter 2011.

"Bells of Joy"

It’s red, bright, cheery, jolly, frisky, snowy, perky………and it’s all over the place! With a big cherry nose and long white beard, wearing huge black-boots and a suit of red and of course the long red cap, comes Santa Claus on his fabulous reindeer-driven sleigh. But does he come on just one special night or is he there all year round?
Indeed, he is!
Every individual comes across his own Santa some time or the other, a Santa who brings smile on your face, twinkle in your eyes and gives you a moment to cherish; turning the tables around, in different walks of life, even we wear the Santa cap for someone somewhere.
Not just about merrymaking but with this post we also celebrate the joy of giving!

Chapter One
 The girl and the moon

One frosty night, when the moon was crescent and the stars were bright, a cheery girl whose profound dreams had just come true, sat right there, in her own surreal sky, savoring every moment of it!
The girl, living her dream, wore blue polka dress and matching ballets with a red scarf, conveying her moment of joy through what she was wearing.

Chapter Two
The lad and the gift cart

Once upon a time, there lived a benign lad who moved from place to place carrying his marvelous cart filled with gifts and distributing them to one and all, thus, ringing the bells of joy and casting spells of glee and delight wherever he went.
Flashing his very humble smile, this joy-giving lad wore a plain white shirt and light blue faded denim teamed with red winter vest and matching shoes and, not to forget, the Santa cap!

Chapter three
The man and his reindeer-driven sleigh

Under the vast glittering skies, roving around the world riding the enchanted reindeer driven sleigh, a witty young man covered miles with the sole mission of spreading smiles.
Wearing a snowy white shirt and matching blazer with his blue trousers and shoes, red-white striped socks and his geeky specs and, yet again, the Santa cap, this vivacious man soared away in his magnificent magical coupé.

Chapter Four
The lady and the little dwarfs

Far far away, in the kingdom of Fairyland, lived a charming lady in the humble abode of the adorable little dwarfs, who’d go off to explore from time to time but the moment they were back, it was time to whoop it up like no one in Fairyland far and wide could ever imagine.
This young lady, dressed at her best, wearing red snowflake printed shirt over a bright white dress and pairing it up with red sandals and of course the Santa cap!

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year !!!


  1. cute <3
    super like the mood of the season..
    Captured nicely :)

  2. Season's fashion cheer aptly captured.
    Happy holidays

  3. so fun!! this one gives smiles scrolling down with every picture bringing childhood back and fresh!!

  4. merry xmas and happy new year to ol of my frndz...:D

  5. love the shoot! very nice feel to the whole season thing.. :)
    looking forward to the new year blog.. ;)

  6. loveeee the post guys!!! lovee th feel given to it!!!very touchy and veyr warm!!!makes christmas feel more special!!! waiiiiting for the next post:):)

  7. speachless....suruchi kumar gr8 wrk...these all don't need any comments..they r talking themselves..huggiessss...:)))))

  8. thanks for this wonderful pic!
    though i am not smiling..i am laughing!:)
    bhavna jain