Monday, January 2, 2012

A Curve That Could Take You Miles

Lines on one palm seems complex but when one is put besides the other, these lines joins and curves to form a frown upside down.
The year gone by has seen all the highs and the lows and in the midst of the daily grind,the itsy bitsy things that, more often than not, enlightens our spirits gets totally abandoned. Now is the perfect time to take charge and evoke the straight and the simple amidst the complex and complicated. This is where Phyllis Diller and we think alike:
“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”

Priceless..Charming...Effortless and Viral..

 The toothless smile.

The sparkle-in-the-eyes smile.

The togetherness smile.

The sunshine smile.

The heartfelt smile.

The I'm-there-for-you smile.

The up-to-no-good smile.

The don't-mess-with-me smile.

The contented smile.

The welcoming smile.

The I-own-the-world smile.

The friends-forever smile.

The humble smile.

The I'm-the-boss smile.

The contagious smile.

The best-seller smile.

The amusing smile.

The roller coaster smile.

The big-bunny smile.

The best-buddy smile.

The chic smile.

The happy-shopping smile.

 The conscious smile.

The bridging smile.

The eclectic smile.

The yin-yang smile.

The sweet smile.

...So now create your own wardrobe coz as they say...
"You are not fully dressed until you wear a smile."


  1. Happy 2012 !
    a great way to start the year.

  2. ' you are not fully dressed until you wear a smile'
    Love the quote !!!
    Amazin post , suprisingly different, LOVE it !

  3. And omg , the dog is absolutely adorable <3

  4. it sure put a smile on my face.. :)

  5. omg!!love this one..every picture made me smile and cant stop smiling the the it all ...really made my day..waiting for more:):)

  6. amazing post... what an awesome way to begin the year...:)

  7. with all this smile here...i wish everybody that they keep on smiling throughout the year... :D :D

    grt way to strt a new year...!!

  8. thankyou so much everyone, :D

    wishing you all, a new year, full of smiles.

  9. Cute Smiles :)
    A Very nice msg is put thru :)

  10. smile smile ol d way ...
    i just have a joke to say....
    life is short , dont sulk in it...
    its a path to happiness , walk in it...!!

    loved ol the smiles..:)

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