Monday, January 30, 2012

THE HUNT HOUR, Chapter 2 : The Backwoods Beauty

International Trends:
Throwing more light on ‘fashion for the wild’, above are some ad campaigns and magazine photo shoots of (from top left to bottom right) Diesel island, Michael Kors, Burberry, Fan the fire magazine, Harper's bazaar, Vogue India, Playboy, Diesel island, Guano magazine, Numero #124.

The Hunt Hour
Chapter II : The Backwoods Beauty

All bags were packed and, along with the rest of the bits and pieces, thrown into the jeep. While most of us settled in the jeep our very bold and audacious Natasha and Robin took the bike.

The only thing left now was to start this wondrous journey…

The enchanting view of the rising sun, the far-stretching highway road, the gush of cool breeze, the stopover at a shabby tea stall and finally, the much-awaited moment, our destination…..nothing could go wrong now!

7:00 am
7:10 am
7:40 am
7:40 am
8:00 am
10:15 am   
10:15 am 
3:40 pm
 4:15 pm
4.40 pm
5:45 pm 
 6:30 pm

As dusk approached we decided to build our tents. The day seemed to end too fast, much of which was consumed by the journey. Nonetheless, it was a very good start. As soon as we reached, we took a stroll around the place together before spreading out; some going bonkers clicking pictures all over the place, some mapping the areas to explore the next day, while some taking sheer pleasure in just admiring the backwoods beauty of a place whose only a tiny portion we had discovered yet.

There was so much more to do!


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  2. Interesting new experiences add up to a completely diverse shape in which the stories are whispered by pictures adding life to the one said before..... . .
    ...very well!!

  3. nice....hey u cn shoot a nice short movie clip...!!:)

  4. the pictures speak the adventure of this trip.....eagerly waiting for the coming entry.... :D

  5. great ummm the clip could have been better :)

  6. ah.. part 3 also cuming up or wht?? !!! Waiting..
    I love wht u r doin !!!!!!!!

  7. I agree with Mrinal there... you guys should definitely make a video... beautiful images...Keep up the great work !