Monday, April 23, 2012

Smack on the face!

Have you noticed a sudden inclination of movies towards mafia-like subjects? Not that it wasn’t there. In fact some mafia protagonists turned out to become classic in the realm of motion pictures and have influenced the way a don should look. And not just don….

…. Also the double agents that make and break them.

Motion picture trends

Above is a collection of a few gangster movies. Black, white, black, red, black black black it is and suits and body-hugging dresses are the way to get the look right.

"Smack on the face!"

Sporting a bespoke suit and a red tie, Mr. Gambino, is immersed in a pool of thoughts as he has a long day ahead to sort a lot of things out. His brown aviators along with his black watch and derby shoes and not to forget those patterned socks add zing to his intense persona without disturbing the classic look of a gangster boss!  

Ronnie and Reggie, the boss’s puppet, abducted the mayor’s daughter, Alan. Blindfolded by a piece of white cloth and wearing a boyfriend fit white shirt, Alan is unaware of the fact that this is only the beginning of all her trouble.

The boss's right arm, Miss. Mia rarely takes her glance away from him, looking tough and elegant at the same time in her fitted black dress. The brown studded belt and red heels brings out her fearless facade.

But alas! She DITCHED him!


  1. sharp looks with sharp storytelling,, kudos !!

  2. better than bollywood! nice :D

  3. super complete drama.. alan n mia looking awesome!!!

  4. Awesome post s ever... the underworld dressing, feel and storytelling brought forth so elegantly and beautifully... kudos to the team... :)

  5. super perfect pics..!! way to go !!
    pic no. 3.. nicely posed.. nicely clicked..!

  6. amazinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn............

  7. awesome post! especially the ideation, the elegance and the intensely refined look which clearly shows shrewdness of a cruel mind who is out to play.

  8. su u look fab... awsome post!!:)

  9. wow................amazingly superb......!!! <3