Monday, April 30, 2012

May this May Day ignite some change…

Harshi Tandon (design professional from New Delhi), the winner of “Let’s Stage the Drama”, a Facebook contest that we’d come up with, gave us a very challenging theme to work on with.

After hours of wracking our brains we decided that what could be better than the less spoken and unseen special bond of Humanity.

 photo credit: Biswarup Ganguly, courtesy: angles/2010


   photo credit: Kunal Kava, courtesy:


May this "May Day" ignite some change…

On May Day, while we take out time from our busy corporate schedule and relish a leisurely holiday, Harshi gave an ideation concept which kick started the day very ironically differently.

We, the Polaroid Pages team, decided to pay a visit to Sumangali Seva Ashrama, a warm and pleasant abode for orphans and underprivileged girls.

The genuine zest and affection that every single girl exhibited left us with a smile that remained all day long and it did make us realize that there is still so much love around us and yet we, more often than not, crib about the absence of it.

All that is needed is a little bit of sanguinity and a little bit of conveyance.

A special bond for you and me
A special bond we cannot see

Thanks Harshi Tandon!


  1. Like it :)
    Like how you took it forward..! :)
    Touching it is :) It reflects in the Pics
    Kudos to the Polaroid team..!!

  2. takin tym out fr sumthin v mre often ignore bt sumthin which is mre genuine to da hr8 den da rest .... gives a sensation of a sweetness inside dat bubbles out wen u c such pics,... really naice ..:)

  3. this post ws relly heart touching...
    Seeing girls condition, deformed sex ratio & violence against them worldwide... people should come forward for their upliftment. Giving them shelter,sharing their grief & pain will gv them the strength & confidence......
    Bravo polaroid pages!!!!

  4. amazing concept ...and amazingly taken forward... i realllyyy liked... g888 work team...

  5. gr8 work totally up 2 the mark... keep it up guys... u raises the standard of polaroid pages to another level.