Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Call us racist, coz we are biased to the vivid and the vibrant and this post we promote the mad,the insane, the eccentric and provoke a Riot of Colors.

Street Shots
Electric Blue stripes over yummy yellow knitted top teamed up with ice blue denim hot pants

Deep brick red cigarette pants teamed with stripper top and cotton blazer

Poppins: ColoRiot on the window

Electric Blue satin sleeveless top

Mean green satin finish pencil trousers

International Trends

Almost all brands, these days, have one line or the other dedicated to the brightest and funkiest of colors, be it apparels or accessories. Aldo shoes, Popeye.magazine, United colors of Benetton, Tine Claerhout Photography,Tom Ford, Atalar, Stella McCartney,Lancome

When the whole milieu is blanketed by so many colors, how do you stand out and be vibrant at the same time? 
Well, the answer is, defy all assumptions and add some more color to your ensemble. Come alive; if you were happy- be happier, if you were partying- party harder, if you were chuckling, burst out laughing, but do not hesitate to put that extra effort to look chirpier. Yes, you do have to be a li'l spunky to go ahead with it. But after all, what's fashion with fearlessness!

Mocking at those who couldn't dare pull it off. His plain pink polo neck t-shirt over a bold blue jeans is just brings out the frisky and funny personality in him.

The ecstasy on her face is shouting out loud though her clothes. Matching up a green flared tube top with a mustard yellow sweater, she looks absolutely fresh and vibrant.

A dreamer he is which is quite evident from what he's wearing- an indigo blue polka dot polo neck t-shirt teamed with red pants and white belt. Totally out of the world!

Poised and pretty, she flashes her million dollar smile as she feels confident in her gorgeous red dress. People are really giving up on little-red-dresses but well maybe it’s about time to get them right in.

He doesn't shy away from looking all young and childlike in his Sash blue-preppy pink polo neck t-shirt and, to top it all, a pair of foam green denims. Who would have thought  something so colorful could look so good.

Electric blue has a long way to go as it has only recently been accepted by some few nervy ones- just like this dauntless young lady, who is completely enjoying every bit of her one shouldered dress with lace layer from the waist.