Tuesday, August 7, 2012


This summer, do not hesitate to pull out all the junk jewelries that you'd kept lying in one corner of your wardrobe and dare to team them up with ethnic prints or even traditional hand-painted garments and accessories cos this is just the right season to go "tribal"

Street Shots

International trends

Like all the innumerable brands and labels across globe, indulge vigorously in tribal apparels and accessories. (Above) Fashion magazine, Paul and Joe, Grazia India ,Vogue Italia, Natural Belle, Numero Magazine, Petrouman, Paul and Joe.

"Tribal Echo"

What's funny is that while tribes across the world are oblivious to even the word "fashion", intrepid fashionistas are going gaga over ethnic prints and designs. From shoes to stoles, dresses to denims, bangles to bags- everything is going wild with the tribe vibe! The tribal look is sexy, quirky, smart and vibrant and yes it does make you stand out in the crowd.

So, splurge on!

Boho-tribal; she carries a dreamy-mystical look about herself which is all the more enhanced by her aztec printed colorful top accompanied by a beige waistcoat over it and military shorts. The rings, bangles and gladiators add a lot of tribal essence and the embroidered sling bag just completes the entire look of a stylish vagabond.

Geeky-tribal; reluctantly putting his book down to show off his checkered shirt with ethnic prints in the yoke, inner cuff and collar, teamed with a muted green t-shirt and cargo pants. His matching brown belt and boots add a bit of a ruggedness to the ensemble of the geeky lad and that colorful aztec printed scarf along with the patchwork jhola bag hanging from the ladder perks it all up.

 Chic-tribal; standing bold and brazen in between the whole pile of mess, she carries herself elegantly in her hand-painted yellow dress with a navy blue blazer over it. Her aztec shoes, blue neckpiece, rings and hair pins on her braids intensifies the tribal look keeping the classy element intact.