Monday, May 21, 2012

Blast from the past !!!!

If anybody had any doubts about the fact that fashion repeats itself, well, we are here to clear the air. Yes, fashion is cyclical and no matter how much you try and revamp it, it’ll take you back to time, over and over again….

…like it took us back to the 60’s and 70’s this time.

Street Shots
 White floral shift dress paired with brown sunglasses, checkered handbag and brogues

Jumpsuit teamed with sunglasses, high waist black-purple belt, purple handbag and stilettos

Green colored pants and navy loafers

Girl on the left wearing a black waistcoat over a blue crochet sleeve top and black n white stripe skirt and the entire look is spiced up with a black head corsage. 

Black studded boots

International Trends 

Retro Fashion comes on and off in the forefront as we see a lot of those looks in the cover of fashion magazines and in collections of various brands. Elle, Louis Vuitton, Vogue US, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, Tumblr, London Evening Standard magazine.

Blast from the past!

Overly expressive faces, polka’s all over the place, walking was more of jumping and talking was more of singing- yes you guessed it right- RETRO, it is!

Those might be things of the past but that doesn’t mean they’ve completely vanished from the face of earth. At least, in the realm of fashion, they do pay a visit time and again, livening up the whole milieu with a blast from the past!

Always dreamy and busy blushing her cheeks, Margaret is wondering if her red headband is flattering her blue collar dress with white polka dots. She is convinced when she finds her matching red stilettos to team with the ensemble and there she is; ready to break a dozen hearts.

Robert doesn’t just think he is smart, he knows it and it’s not just his head that is always held up high; his bellbottoms never goes down the waist either, flashing his brown leather belt. The yellow polo shirt and green-white striped tie add all the punch to the whole look but it is his classic 60’s moustache that brings out the Robert inside of him. 

Smart and sassy, Johnny Davidson is always effortlessly cool. He hastily teamed his blue polka dot shirt with a white trouser and picked up a black and red layered bow tie, as he is late for his high school musical party. He adds that green and black checkered belt in the last minute to tote up a bit more color to his otherwise toned down look.

Rebellious Miss. Dorothy has a huge collection of records and is an avid fan of classic disco music. She is definitely not somebody to mess with which is quite evident from her appearance - bold jeans matched with striped t-shirt and those black boots definitely could beat the hell out of you. The only thing that’s a little mockery to her brash attitude is the cute polka bow clip in the head.


  1. hey! the post is an exceedingly fun, cheerful, euphoric and very thoughtfully in vogue.

  2. sepia tinted, nostalgic yet very much in the present post