Tuesday, June 5, 2012

 "that one thing in my closet" 

This post is dedicated to “that something” in our closet that we would never wish to part with.
“That one thing” which we at some point of time had either inherited or bartered for or simply grabbed it by hook or crook.
Each one of us at Polaroid brought together “that something special” for this story. We also thought of sharing the truths behind how each one attained that curio, but then on second thoughts we really didn't wish to unearth the evil side of ours ;) 

like Grandpa Worker Pants

Sturdy, rugged, greased, vintage legacy.

Knotty Affair

Abstract art impressions on fabric, crafted to be used in varied avatars:
head band, neck tie or waist belt.

Lego Lessons

A playful and vivid lego block inspired handbook.
work . play !

Beauty lies Beneath.. 

..my feet. Play buoy Play!

Shady Wine

Dad's wine put to use... again! 

 courtesy: coppy cat

Terrorist Teapot

for some chaat, chai aur gupshup!


  1. love it...every single item is unique and awesome.

  2. Super like..!
    Spcly the Lego Notebook..!!

  3. Cool stuff, nice lego notebook :)

  4. Love the uniqueness of the items... Lovely Post... :)