Monday, July 2, 2012

The Dark Shadows

Dark glamour has always been a part of the fashion closet.

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"The Dark Shadows"

As she slowly closes her eyes and shuts herself from the reality that lies beyond, as the brightness of the outer world metamorphoses into gloomy darkness and all she can see is nothing, and as she descends deep down into the whirlpool of shadows trying hard to shove off her creepiness, she falls into a misty pit and for a minute the world comes to a halt. Bit by bit the mist disappears and she realizes that she is not alone in this darkness and that’s when she sees them….

….and that’s when chill runs down her spine….

As the spiteful sight of the malicious satan comes to vision, she knows that there’s no escaping from here. He always appears with his black hat and gray overcoat on, over his black henley tee, denim and boots. The chains hanging around his neck symbolizes his way of torture…..
….. he strangles his prey.

This horrifying wicked vampire walks down the alley wearing a black leather overcoat over her skull printed shirt and denim and not to forget, her brown studded belt and boots…
…her lust for blood can be seen all over her face.

As overly gorgeous as she may be, this seductress demon jinxes her victims with her charm and beauty. She is wearing a grey halter dress, her black blazer hanging on her shoulder, and black stockings and boots. And there she is, eagerly waiting to cast spells of misery upon them all.

Yes, he is a guard but you’re anything but safe around him cos he’s the devil’s guard. He stands tall in his brown hoodie beneath the black blazer, denims and oxford shoes….
…Come closer to him, thinking he might be your savior, and you’ll choke to death on his toxic smoke.


  1. Scary post..! but nicely captured..! :)

  2. loved all the pics.. n yess "wicked vampire's lust for blood" quote is true justice to the picture.
    smokie effect is awesome.

  3. Awesome post and interesting dressing...